About Us

We are women in daily need of grace, committed to leading a thoughtful life of faith. We love to encourage others and offer thought-provoking content. Sometimes this looks like a book review, sometimes it’s sharing our struggles. Most of the time, it looks like sitting around a table with your favorite hot drink and encouraging each other.


Christy grew up in the world of fastidiously kept homes, and religious diversity that is the Pennsylvania countryside. Her girlhood memories include jolting school bus rides full of debate, a Capella hymns, cold dew on fuzzy green bean plants and the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Given her heritage, Christy was surprised as a new mom to find herself drowning in dirty laundry and scrambling to keep all the tummies full. Then she and her family took off on adventures that led them from Florida swamps, to a Middle Eastern high rise, an island on the US West Coast, and hotels at points in between.

With every new address, Christy learned new secrets about what makes a space a pleasant home.

Christy has completed Teaching Children Effectively level 2  from Child Evangelism Fellowship and a certificate in graduate studies from Dallas Theological Seminary but still finds that personal disciplines and a good discussion over peppermint tea are the best ways to deepen her spiritual understanding.

Christy, her husband, and their four children currently make their home in Southern suburbia, where she delights in watching children learn and a cultivating welcoming home.


Head shot of DeborahDeborah grew up in the seasonless desert of west Texas where the scenery is flat, but the people are wonderful. Oil towns are often like military towns, people move frequently, dads are gone a lot, and you have to just dig community out deep and fast. Reading books in the tree her father planted her was a favorite girlhood pastime, and she always attended her dad’s sermons at the local nursing home.

Her family spent 2 jolting years in Orange County during jr. high before moving to the big city of Dallas for her high school years where she managed to obtain the Awana Citation award. Deborah went on to earn a nursing degree from Blinn College and a philosophy degree from Texas A&M University. She met Christy while taking a class at Dallas Theological Seminary.

After a 5 year stint in Montana, she and her husband and three children reside in Southern suburbia, although unfortunately, not the same suburbia as Christy. She worked numerous departments of nursing before working for 5 years in hospice.

Coffee, tea and hot cocoa are all staples in Deborah’s home and she loves to sit on the couch for long discussions and hot drinks.



About Us

We are friends. We were friends before we married our husbands, birthed 7 children, had careers and sometimes lived half a world apart. Our friendship isn’t built on these life events, but our constant support and love of one another and our walk with Christ. We come from different places, with different backgrounds and some pretty different ways of thinking sometimes. But we have watched each other grow spiritually and emotionally during our 13-year friendship. We consider ourselves extremely blessed to find such a dear friend. We want to share some of our journey and encouragement with you. So get a hot drink (cold is fine too) and join the conversation.