Celebrating Failure with Children

Dinner table idea! I came across this video recently read recently of Sara Blakely speaking about her father celebrating failure because it was a learning experience. He would ask them about their failures and celebrate the hard-earned knowledge, she attributed her father’s attitude to part of her success in the business world.


How we can demonstrate failure;

But I think this concept has bigger implications. There are huge spiritual ramifications to our views about failure. Talking openly about failure can be a way to show vulnerability to our children. A way to normalize not being perfect in our children’s lives and maybe reset some of our own patterns and feelings about failure and what it is.

So starting last night, I asked everyone what their biggest failure of the day was. The kids kind of struggled with the concept of failure (my oldest is 6), but I was able to bring up an incident from earlier in the day when he had a meltdown but was able to pull it together and be a huge help the rest of the evening. We focused on how proud of him we were that he was able to find the strength to correct himself.

It was also good and humbling to bring up our own issues. (Obviously my kids don’t need to know all my struggles, but it’s good for them to see some.) I shared about a time in the day when I had been sharp with my oldest when we were trying to get his schoolwork done. He pointed out that maybe next time I could pat him on the back to get his attention instead of yelling at him. Good idea, Buddy.

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