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Goals February 2017

The rising enthusiasm of January has given way to the trotting pace of February. It’s time to take a quick peak at what progress we’re making toward our goals, and adjust our course.

If you’re wondering what this monthly goals series is about, check out the post I wrote last month on the secret to accomplishing your yearly goals.

Daffodils growing in February
The daffodils have already declared spring here in Alabama.

Self: Excellence from the center out


This year I am working toward living an excellent life from the inside out. In January I made taking care of my health a priority.

In February, I want to concentrate on responding to people’s hearts. Initially I was thinking about my children and how spirit crushing it can be when I respond to how they make me feel instead of how they feel. Then I engaged in a few political discussions. If you hadn’t noticed there’s been some change in the landscape, and there are hurt feelings all around. I’m convinced that we need to respond to each other’s hearts, in order to communicate what we believe to be truth.

To make this goal measurable, I made this note to keep in my planner this month , and I am going to try to journal about my experiences each week.


Respond to the heart reminder

Home: Welcome


This area was a mix. I did make some progress. The bookshelf in our master bedroom makes me happy every time I see it. I think these labels in the pantry are going to be a great help, now that two of my children are old enough to read and follow them.


Easy pantry labeling
Use painters tape and sharpies to make easy labels.

However, the main room of our house is a mess. I diverted much of last weekend to trying to fix it, but it’s a mess.

During February I need to finish purging, decluttering and deep cleaning the whole house. Ugh. But, if I don’t we’ll still be struggling come August.

I’m putting a few ideas in my planner. I’ll let you know what seemed to really help accomplish this decluttering goal next month.

Blog: Growth


I am really excited to say that I made my goal of regular posting 3/4 weeks on both blogs! Last year I almost never made my blogging goals, so this is a good change.

My goal for February is to develop a good social media/promotion schedule. I actually don’t enjoy it much, so it’s a chore. However, I know it’s a key to growth. So, I need to buckle down and make some habits.

What about you? In what areas are you already on track for the year?

Sharing goals with friends

What about you? In what areas are you on track for the year?


February 2017 Goals


Some of my blogging friends are sharing their progress and goals for February as well.


Mary Anne at Mama Smiles has some fun kids learning in her completed goals.

Cassidy at Freshly Planted has a new homeschool schedule planned.

Cassidy at 3 Dinosaurs is celebrating five years of blogging. Be sure to check out her awesome collection of free printables if you have kids.

4 thoughts on “Goals February 2017

  1. Nice work on the blogging momentum! And YES to responding to people’s hearts. It’s much easier to respond to an opinion or circumstance, like how they made us feel, than the person behind it. One of my favorite poems on this: “Next Time, ” by Mary Oliver. Wishing you a great month!

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