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Holiday Planning in January?!?!

Why would you think about the holidays in January? Haven’t we had enough of this madness?!?!?!?!

Yes! I have! But…. every year I promise myself that I am going to set aside money every month to make the holidays less stressful. And most years I fall flat on my face. Join me this year to help have a happier end of the year by setting aside a few bucks every month so YOU won’t be as stressed.

Think about it, even if you only save $10 a month, that’s $110 in 11 months. Having an extra $110 in December would help my stress level. Most of us could probably put $25 a month in a drawer somewhere and enjoy having $275 in December or $50 a month would get you $550 extra in December. Now I know I am a cheapskate frugal, but $550 would about take care of most of my Christmas expenses.

So plan a little now, to enjoy the holidays later. Stick a few bucks in a safe place (but not too safe to forget where it is) and think about how on top of things you are.

Many credit unions have Christmas/Holiday savings plans, that might be a great idea for those of you who belong to credit unions.

Want a handy PDF to help you save this year?

Click Here for Holiday Saving PDF

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