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How to help your child memorize scripture: Dueteronomy 6:4-9

Teaching your children the Bible can feel like an overwhelming task. Where do you even start? How do find the time? How do you keep their short attention spans engaged?

How to help Children memorize the Bible
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A great place to start

Dueteronomy 6:4, the famous “Here O Israel!” also known as the Shemah, would be a great place to start for both you and them.

I’ve tried several Bible memory methods for my own kids, and ended up developing this Stick Figure Scripture method that I’m sharing here today. Honestly, I feel a little awkward demonstrating my lack of artistic skill to the world. But, this has worked for all four of our children, so I’m sharing in hopes that you’ll be inspired to start memorizing scripture with your own child.

How to Use Stick Figure Bible Memory

To use this tool, simply print (or copy) . I’ve included a copy of the passage from for your use, or you can substitute the version of your choice. The pictures should still be valid.

Place the first page of pictures and copy of the words somewhere that you and your child can easily grab them at the same time each day. I keep ours in page protectors in the basket with our hairbrushes. You might like to put them on the fridge to use at meal times, or in the car to discuss in the car line.

On the first day, tell your child that you are going to learn a Bible passage together. Point to the first picture and say, “This picture is ‘Listen Israel!'”. Ask them to repeat it. After they repeat it you’re done. Easy.

On the second day, ask your child if they remember what the first picture was. If they can tell you, praise them for their excellent work. Then point to the second picture and say, “This one is ‘The LORD is our God.'” You might point out that their are many people in the picture and the LORD is God to all of them.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t remember the picture the first day. Just repeat it, have them repeat it. Depending on how their brain is wired and what developmental stage they are in, I have seen children fly through passages, or stick on a particular picture for days. Take the slow periods as an opportunity to really think about the truths. Try to stay positive and fun so your child looks forward to this activity.

In a few months, or maybe even weeks, you and your child will have committed a precious piece of truth to memory, where it can grow and bare sweet fruit in the years ahead.

Print your copy of the Stick Figure Scripture Memory for Dueteronomy 6:4-9, and get started!

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