Easter Kids Activity to go with the Hymn Low in the Grave He Lay


Our family is gathered on a day in early spring. Three children lay on floor. The two oldest are tense with anticipation, and the toddler follows their lead. With the down beat comes the proclamation, “Up!…” and they spring to their feet laughing.


“Low in the Grave” by Robert Lowry is on my personal list of essential Easter songs. I love the way the somber mood of the verses contrasts with the sudden joy of the refrain.  It’s a classic sure to be found in any church on Resurrection Sunday. Our family uses a simple activity to engage our children with this wonderful Resurrection hymn during worship.


If you aren’t familiar with this wonderful song, take a moment to listen to this wonderful resurrection hymn. We liked this version we found on You Tube from IS Baptist Toronto.
To engage our children with this song, we have them do this simple activity. During the verses, they lay still on the ground. With the word “Up!” They jump up and remain standing through the chorus.

My kids were asking for this hymn before lent even started this year.  I hope you’ll try sharing it with the children in your home or church this season.

Low in the Grave He Lay is a Easter classic every child should know.

6 thoughts on “Easter Kids Activity to go with the Hymn Low in the Grave He Lay

  1. We will be doing this! We have been talking about Jesus and His resurrection and how we will be resurrected as well, so now we can practice.

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