Nighttime Blessing for my Daughter

Blessing for my DauhterMy daughter turned 9 months old yesterday. Our third child, our first girl. We love her, her big brothers love her and we think she is the cutest thing ever. And she is! But I want her to know she is so much more than that.
One of my friends poised a question on Facebook a few months back looking for ways to praise a baby besides how cute and adorable she is. Trying to assign a small child other values in addition to their darling good looks and cute as button noses. I took a few of the comments and added in my own thoughts; here is generally what I try to tell Caroline at the end of the day.

“You are loved, your mama loves you, your daddy loves you, your brothers love you, your grandparents love you. But most of all, God, your creator and rescuer loves you.

You are wonderfully created in the image of God. YOU are created in the image of your maker and are loved by Him more than any of us will ever understand or know. You are an Ezer, a co-battler and co-laborer.

Your only job is to image Him. And you are doing a wonderful job of imaging Him right now. And someday you will take all those beautiful talents, gifts and abilities and be the best you that you are created to be, all the more imaging your Creator.

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