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Review: “The Action Storybook Bible”


My two sons are ages 7 and 5 and quickly growing out of most Bible storybooks. I have tried reading some simplified Bible versions with them, but the reality is they just aren’t ready. So I was excited to be offered the opportunity to review “The Action Storybook Bible.”

My Kid’s Reactions:

The illustrations immediately drew my son’s into the story. Reading this book to them held their attention and they stopped to make numerous observations about the settings, the characters, and what is happening. I read the bio of the illustrator and he has worked on numerous comic books. The style is certainly very appealing to two little boys who love superheroes!

The author does a wonderful job of telling some complex stories at the level of an early elementary school student. Many important details are included that were left out of earlier versions of story Bibles. The entire Bible is broken down into 15 sections, each section followed by a page entitled “Life Faith Action.” This was a part I didn’t like as much, I felt like many of the questions weren’t as thoughtful as I would have liked and didn’t often point to a cohesive understanding of how each chapter worked with the other chapters to explain the Bible as a whole.

But it Get’s Better!

However, I am glad we¬†kept reading! At the end of “The Action Storybook Bible,” the author has a summary chapter entitled “For God so Loves Us.” She summarizes the entire Bible showing it points to God’s redemption of us. There is also a “Hall of Fame Visual Index” in the back to quickly remind children about different people who show up in the book.

To summarize, I think this is a great story Bible for the early elementary years. I wish there was a little more consistency throughout the book of showing how the Bible is woven together, but the last chapter really pulls it all together. The illustrations are amazing and really bring the action to life. Here is a link to learn more and purchase your own copy.

If you are interested in a chance to win a copy of “The Action Storybook Bible” check out this link here:

The Action Storybook Bible
Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of this book to review. My views and opinions are my own.

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