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Singing “Because He Lives” with Kids

We live in scary times. If novel viruses don’t kill us, the distrust they cause between us seems certain to tear us apart. How can our children have hope that will out last the troubled times that are certainly ahead?

That’s exactly the question Bill and Gloria Gaither were asking after the arrival of their son, forty years ago. As they contemplated they came to this answer, “how sweet to hold a newborn baby…but sweeter still the calm assurance. This child CAN face uncertain days, because (Christ) lives!”

Whether you are worshipping with a crowd of energetic kids, or at home during a shelter-in-place order, these lyrics will help your children grasp the hope of the resurrection. A little movement will add joy, and help their brains retain it.

Accessing the song “Because He Lives”

Because the Gaithers are still with us, this song is under copywrite, so I’m not sharing the whole thing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a version with all three verses. I recommend listening to this version done by the Gaither band, and also this version done by Guy Penrod at one of his concerts. You find the lyrics on the Booth Brothers web-site and probably in your favorite hymnal.

The recordings have a big concert feel, but this song does well in quick gospel tempo. That’s the way my Daddy always played it for us.

Adding movement to “Because He Lives”

Try stepping with a country line dance style stomp at the end of each phrase. At the end of the verse turn, and step back through the chorus. If you want to add a little more, have the children raise throughout the chorus. The ending pose should be like their cheering after winning a tournament.

Here’s a printable cheat sheet to use when you’re working with the kids. You might like to take a copy of the lyrics and highlight the words noted.

As you teach the lyrics and motions to the children, take time to talk about a time that you experienced the joy of the resurrection as you walked through life’s journey.

Most of all celebrate! We have hope.

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