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Thanksgiving Chain in Progress

I think I need to clean my camera phone lens! Please excuse the poor picture.

I am so glad we started our thankfulness chain in October this year. If we miss a day here or there, we still have plenty of time to have a nice long chain. But it’s also become part of a daily habit for us as a family. My sons are usually the first to remember that we need to fill in our links for the day and love to show it off to anyone who walks through our door. During the day my sons will mention things to be thankful of as they anticipate writing them down in the evening and stapling them to our list of thanksgiving.

The discipline of completing the daily chain link has been a real encouragement for my husband and me as we remind ourselves of how much we have to be thankful of in what has been a stressful season for us the last few weeks. Of course it is usually the evening when we are tired and stressed and just want the kids to go to bed that it is the hardest to think of all we have to be thankful for. Thankfulness has often been a hard won discipline that day. But we have much to be thankful for and I don’t want to forget or take for granted so many of our blessings.

Here is a link to the print out I used for our chain. The paper is from AC Moore and was about 25 cents a sheet and the printable was free. I just keep a pen, scissors and a stapler near the dining table in a buffet drawer to put up our nightly link of thankfulness.

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