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Tip of the Day #1- Not a Peanut Butter Stirrer

Some background: a few years ago I decided to break down and buy peanut butter stirrer. I know what your thinking, a ridiculous silly gadget. But I buy HUGE jars of natural peanut butter from Costco and it was exhausting to stir the peanut butter. So off I went on Amazon to find a PB stirrer and started reading some reviews. That’s right people I was reading peanut butter stirrer REVIEWS! I am the lamest person ever!

But I digress. Several reviewers mentioned that they simply kept their peanut butter upside down in the fridge and I had a eureka moment (all the more wonderful, since Costco changed the size of their jars recently and I would not be able to use a stirrer if I had bought one.)

Tip of the day: before you open your natural peanut butter, store it in the fridge upside down for 24 hours. It will be wonderfully stirred for you. After you open your jar of peanut butter just keep it upside down in your fridge. And life will be much less messy and exhusting. You are welcome.

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