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Tip of the Day #2- School lunch

I have three children, one in Kindergarten and the other two are home with me. We  choose not to put our 3 year old in preschool this year for a host of reasons and he is home with me during the week. The evening before school days or the morning of when I am packing my oldest his lunch, I pack my 3 year old’s luch too. If you are throwing together one luch, it’s not anymore trouble to throw together two lunches and saves me time later in the day. Most of the time I go ahead and pack it in a luchbox with a spoon and napkin.

Thomas loves it! He gets so excited about his lunchbox, and can’t wait to find out what he is having for lunch that day. If we are out and about that day, I bring his lunch and we are not tempted to grab fast food while running errands. If we are at home and I am involved in a project and he wants to eat lunch, I can simply hand him his lunch box and I can finish what I am involved in. Doing this simple time saving tip has made my life easier, cheaper, and my child more excited about lunch. 
What are some things that have worked for you and getting lunch for your kids?

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